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The website is run by the company:
Soundliving ApS
CVR No: 38 35 44 34

Product Information: provides the essential properties of the product. For more information or questions, an email can be sent to via


All prices are daily prices and only valid on the order day. Prices are changing continuously. The buyer will be invoiced at the price applicable on the order day, if accepts the order. All prices in Danish kroner and are shown incl. 25% VAT.


The account information you enter when purchasing goods are sent directly to PBS in encrypted form (SSL) as it is only you and PBS that can read. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you. When purchasing with Dankort or credit card, the amount is deducted from your account as soon as the item departs from

We use the following payment options with short Visa /Visa DK /Electron /MasterCard /Debit /Maestro /Anday and PayPal. No hidden fees are imposed

When paying with Anday, we will raise the first payment when the item is shipped. Then you pay a monthly allowance on the last weekday in the next three months. This benefit depends on your order total and payment plan. If you pay all installments on time, there are zero interest and fees. If you return your purchase, your agreement with Anday will automatically cease. Read more about Terms of Using Anday here:


When you shop at, we offer free shipping when you shop for over 799,-

Is your order for less than 799,- the shipping costs 39kr to parcel shop.

There is also the possibility of delivery to private address, it costs 49kr. 

We use GLS and can deliver throughout Denmark. In addition, we can, in agreement, deliver to other countries in the EU under a prior agreement on delivery costs that the customer has to pay for himself. If you as a customer place orders before 5pm, we will send your package the same day and you will therefore most likely receive your item within 1-2 business days.

The risk of accidental downfall or deterioration:

Only at the time when the ordered goods have arrived in the buyer's possession does the risk of the ordered goods will be destroyed or damaged due to accidental conditions, to the buyer.


The deficiency rules of the Purchase Act may apply to goods purchases.

When you shop with us as a consumer, you have a 24 -month warranty. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, money back or reject in the price, depending on the specific situation. It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of erroneous use of the product or other injurious behavior.
Our warranty does not cover water damage or physical overloads.

You must advertise within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect in the item. If you are advertising within two months of the defect being discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

If the complaint is justified, we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. The item must always be returned in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for dispatch so that we can repay your shipping costs.


You can return items through the following link:
Soundliving Return Portal


If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact or by phone 30 14 37 78. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with relevant boards in the field if the conditions for this are fulfilled. See more about how to complain at

The address of the Consumer Complaints Board:

Consumer Complaints Board,
Carl Jacobsen's Road 35,
2500 Valby

Disclaimer and Warranty: has made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites through links. These websites are outside control. We can therefore in no way be held responsible for the content of these pages.

Information about the ordered goods from such websites is not included in the description of the ordered goods in the agreement between the buyer and the, the goods thus meet the buyer's expectations if they correspond to Soundliving's own description.

Seller is not liable for direct or indirect loss as a result of the ordered goods coming too late to the buyer or the ordered goods suffer from defects when the delay or defects are due to the buyer's action or omission or conditions that are outside of control , eg war, rebellion, riots, fire, state intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labor conflicts of all kinds, including strike and lockout, or the like. does not give an independent guarantee of the ordered goods, and the buyer obtains only the guarantees that the manufacturer issues to the buyer.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At we have a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days. This is only applicable when buying directly at, not when buying through our dealers. If you use the satisfaction guarantee, the products must be in good condition and must not be destroyed.

Cancellation right

You as a consumer have 30 days right of withdrawal when you shop with us.

The cancellation deadline expires 30 days after the day you received your item, otherwise if the item is used.

Please note that you only get the amount refunded on cards if the return is made within the first 14 days. If the return is made in the following remaining 16 days, the amount will be refunded on a voucher. The product must return in original packaging otherwise it will be deducted from the amount.

You must give us notice within 30 days of receipt that you wish to cancel your purchase. The message must be given by email: or by phone at +45 30 14 37 78 or by using the standard withdrawal form. In your message, make clear us clearly that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You cannot regret simply by refusing to receive the item without at the same time giving us clear notice of this.


You must return your order to us without undue delay, and within 14 days of notifying us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must incur the direct expenses in connection with the goods return shipping. You carry the risk of the item from the time of the delivery of the item.

The condition of the item when you send it back

You are only liable for any deterioration of the value of the item, which is due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and the way it works. In other words, you can try the item in the same way as if you tried it in a physical store, but you must not take it in actual use.

If the item is tried beyond what is described above, we consider it used, which means that when you cancel the purchase, you only get a part or none of the purchase amount return, depending on the commercial value of the goods.

Free Gifts:

If you have received one or more free gifts when purchasing your product, these must be returned with the product. If free gifts are not returned with, the value of the gift will be deducted from the amount. 

Repayment of the purchase amount

If you regret your purchase, you will receive the amount you have paid to us. In the event of a impairment for which you are liable, this purchase amount will be deducted.

If you use your right of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (but no additional costs due to your own choice of a form of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery we offer), without undue delay and during all circumstances within 14 days of the date we received notification of your decision to cancel this Agreement. We make such a refund with the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless you have explicitly agreed in something else.

Please note that you only get the amount refunded on cards if the return is made within the first 14 days. If the return occurs in the following remaining 16 days, the amount will be refunded on a voucher

If you regret the purchase, the item must be sent to:

Soundliving ApS
Union Road 11
4600 Køge

Privacy Policy:

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information:
Name, Address, tel. and email address.

We will register your personal information for the purpose of delivering the item to you.

The personal data is registered with SoundLiving and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.

No information is disclosed to third parties without the customer's prior acceptance and permission, for example. To use any comments on our review

As registered with Soundliving, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights according to the Personal Data Act and in connection with this is directed to:

Reservations for changes:

Soundliving ApS reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore important that you continuously keep informed of whether changes have been made.


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