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New Earbuds 3.0

Our upgraded Earbuds 3.0 have extended battery life with up to 25 hours of playback time and four microphones, providing you with even better call and video quality. Additionally, the 3.0 version introduces an advanced ENC function (Environmental Noise Cancellation), which filters background noise without affecting sound quality, offering a more dynamic and pleasant listening experience.

Finally, one of the most remarkable improvements of the 3.0 model is its focus on sustainability, as the earbuds are made from recyclable plastic.

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Behind Soundliving Aps, you will find us, Jonas and Sebastian. Two Danish serial entrepreneurs, both with a great passion for bringing innovative concepts to life and introducing functional products to the Danish market. Since 2017 and going forward, we expand our product catalog each year with quality-tested products that guarantee a good user experience.


4,8 out of 5

+1.100 reviews

Good headset for the price

A really good headset for the price. The sound is good, and the design is stylish.

Anna Madsen, 2024-02-28

Fantastic headphones

The Wave model has a super nice design and effective noise reduction, which provides a great experience. They are light and comfortable to wear. I will use this wireless headset a lot both privately and at work. The 40-hour battery life is fantastic. Indispensable for travel. Best purchase for myself in 2024.

Lisbeth Hansen, 2024-01-15

My headphones unfortunately broke.

My headset unfortunately broke. I made a complaint and sent it in. Three days later, I had a brand new set. Excellent service.

Peter Larsen, 2024-02-12

Quite nice earbuds

Quite a nice product (earbuds) at a reasonable price, which stays in place during running, strength training, walks, etc., where the sound quality is also good. Easy to set up and connect to your phone. It's also cool that you can choose from several colors!

Sofie Pedersen, 2024-01-05

Super nice fit and good sound

Super nice fit and good sound, easy to operate, and the quality feels really good.

Lars Johansen, 2024-02-18

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